Lean into AI to Engage and Convert Customers Across the Funnel

1. Grow Profitability with a Durable Measurement Foundation

Privacy is a priority for shoppers and an opportunity for businesses. Nearly half of consumers across the Americas are willing to switch to a second-choice brand if they have a positive privacy experience with it. Retailers need to build trust and rethink how ROI is measured. Google AI can predict and model changing customer journeys and deliver precise measurements while protecting user privacy. High-quality data is essential for high-quality results.

Building meaningful customer relationships requires consented first-party data. This reliable information fuels AI-powered solutions, improving ROI while respecting privacy choices.

2. Find and Engage Your Next Customer

To turn potential customers into actual ones, they need to know why your brand is their best choice. Many shoppers rely on Google and YouTube for information. In the U.S., online users are twice as likely to use YouTube to discover new products or brands compared to other social sites. Additionally, users are 67% more likely to buy a product after seeing an ad on YouTube versus other social platforms.

Google AI-powered video campaigns like Video Reach and Video View can help reach and engage potential customers at scale. These campaigns ensure your message shows up when and where people are most receptive.

Demand Gen campaigns with Google AI use visually appealing video ads to capture engagement across YouTube. Samsung's successful campaign in Germany, which saw a 400% increase in CTR and a 70% reduction in CPC, is a testament to this strategy.

Lean into AI to Engage and Convert Customers Across the Funnel

3. Convert Shopper Intent into Action

Capturing attention is not enough; you need to convert interest into action. Google AI helps deliver the right message to the right place at the right time. Performance Max campaigns, paired with Search campaigns using broad match and Smart Bidding, can drive additional conversions. These tools help promote products with Shopping ads and find growth opportunities across Google's ad inventory.

For example, Gossby, a print-on-demand retailer in Vietnam, saw a 22% increase in orders and a 33X conversion rate increase by pairing its Search campaigns with Performance Max.

4. Deliver Relevant and Engaging Experiences at Scale

Creativity is key in campaign success. Shoppers expect highly relevant and personalized experiences. Gen Z and millennials, in particular, view shopping as a form of entertainment.

Google's rich shopping experiences, powered by generative AI in Performance Max, help create engaging ads. This AI can generate headlines, descriptions, and images, bringing creative visions to life.

By leveraging Google AI across the funnel, retailers can reach and convert today's consumers while safeguarding their privacy and offering entertaining, relevant experiences.